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Relaxation area

A true oasis among the foliage of the trees, let yourself be lulled by the gentle movement of the plants and breathe in their oxygen. This relaxation area has a more sober and elegant character, suitable for those seeking a little peace and refreshment, perhaps in pleasant company of friends.

Game Scenarios

Real playgrounds suspended on trees!
They can be made at different heights and with various levels of difficulty,
making them suitable for all ages.

Artistic installations

Transform your garden into a special place,

whether you are a private individual or an accommodation facility, it is possible to create artistic nests suspended between your trees.

Climbing platform

Build your own suspended gym, you can train and have fun climbing trees in complete security thanks to the safety nets and multiple games.

Environmental education

​With TreeNest I wanted to share the possibility of living in the same space as a tree while maintaining the living ecosystem that thrives around it, thus keeping the surrounding environment as intact as possible and entering into a relationship with it.

A TreeNest lend itself perfectly to being inserted in contexts of particular environmental value (natural parks, botanical gardens, historical parks, etc.) performing the function of open-air classrooms with the aim of disseminating environmental education and green culture in close contact with it.

​Choose the perfect TreeNest for you

A TreeNest can be as comfortable as a tree house,
safe and fun as a playground,
but also pleasant and elegant for an aperitif and relaxing among the treetops.

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