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​Feel the vibrations of the trees

​A TreeNest is mainly made up of climbing ropes and high-strength consolidation cables, intertwined and interconnected in such a way as to multiply its load capacity and resistance to stress.

A unique and customizable space

Each TreeNest is unique and original because it was designed and built taking into account the context in which it is created and the customer's tastes.

​With hundreds of different colors and patterns to choose from, you'll have endless possibilities to customize your TreeNest to make it truly unique.

​Your shelter in the trees

​TreeNests are long-lasting installations suspended within a group of trees.

The Nest is a safe and enveloping play space inspired by nature's shapes and forms.

​The motivation that prompted me to start TreeNest came from the desire to create places that foster a physical and emotional connection with nature, always maintaining a playful and environmentally friendly approach.

Simone Carnaccini, creator of TreeNest

​Observe trees from a different perspective

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