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A safe and enveloping refuge

From the beginning we choose the most suitable tree species for hosting the TreeNest, we take care of inspecting and evaluating their stability. As long as the trees are healthy and robust, our nests will have the possibility to function perfectly and live a long life. ​ TreeNests are built with extremely resistant materials, certified and tested to withstand stress at high altitudes, which makes them extremely safe.

​High quality production techniques

​All TreeNest Nests are created using advanced Treeclimbing techniques and certified equipment for handling the plant using work ropes.

Tree-climbers are professional arborists capable of intervening without the aid of ladders or platforms, securing themselves with ropes.

The Tree-climber possesses deep knowledge of trees (biological, phytopathological, environmental, etc.) and an enormous respect for these green giants, without which life would not be possible.

We respect the trees

​TreeNests are created in such a way as to leave the surrounding environment as intact as possible.

For each Nest we use a complex protection kit to protect the trees, a special padding that prevents the tension of the ropes from damaging the trunk, leaving it free to produce new growth rings every year.

Furthermore, our installations leave the plants free to move exposed to the elements. This is very important because it allows them to create new reaction wood in the trunk and branches, making them stronger and more resistant.

Durable Nests

​Each TreeNest is delivered to the client with a maintenance booklet, which also describes best practices to adopt to ensure maximum life. With timely maintenance, the life of the Nests can be significantly long.

In any case, if the TreeNest were to suffer damage due to external agents, our technical team will always be available to evaluate and find the best maintenance intervention to bring it back to its former glory.

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